Kurs – TRT for behandlere

Jastreboff runs TRT course in Norway!

Learn from Pawel and Margaret Jastreboff how to treat patients suffering from hyperacusis, misophonia, phonophobia, and tinnitus.

This exciting opportunity is brought to you by joint efforts of HLF (Norwegian Association of the Hard of Hearing) and TinnitusTips.

Pawel and Margaret Jastreboff’s famous TRT course will be held at Oslo Airport Gardermoen August 25-27 2017. This is a 3 days course teaching the neurophysiological model and how to treat hyperacusis, misophonia, phonophobia, and tinnitus patients with the TRT protocol.

The course is aimed at professionals such as audiologists, ENT physicians, hearing aid dispensers, hearing therapists, general physicians, psychologists, psychiatrists, nurses, physiotherapists, coaches, etc. It is also suitable for people with a particular interest for these topics. Obviously it is required to have some basic knowledge of the human hearing system. The course language is American English.

Detailed curriculum can be downloaded here: TRT-curriculum-2017

The course fee is 19,950 NOK (about 2,300 USD at present, which is the similar to the usual fee of the US based course). However, if you pay before June 1st you will get a discount of 1.000 NOK. Please note that payment after July 1st is 20,950 NOK.
The fee includes lunch.

Travel to and from the course location is not included and is the responibility of each participant. The same goes for accommodation and meals other than lunch.

However, if you prefer, you can attend our dinner arrangement for participants and lecturers (about 450 NOK / 55 USD per evening). We also offer rooms at around 1,200 NOK / 140 USD per night.

The course is held at Radisson Blu at Oslo Airport Gardermoen to minimize travel time for long distance participants, and to avoid the hassle of shuttle bus / airport bus. The hotel is just 2 minutes walk(!) from airport terminal / train terminal / express bus terminal. If you come by car, please check parking details.

If you want to attend, contact Kim Stensnes at HLF or Stein Thomassen at TinnitusTips today.

Should you for some reason not be able to attend after paying you may transfer your seat to any substitute person you wish. Alternatively we will make a partial refund if we receive a written cansellation before August 1st. In such a case we will keep 50% of the nominal fee.

(Info updated 2017-05-24 @ 09:11 CET)