Kurs – Behandling av nedsatt lydtoleranse (for fagfolk).

Jastreboff to run DST course in Norway!

Learn from Drs. Pawel and Margaret Jastreboff how patients suffering from DST (decreased sound tolerance – i.e. hyperacusis, misophonia, and phonophobia) can be treated with TRT.

Pawel and Margaret Jastreboff’s brand new DST course will be held Oslo, Norway on September 15-16, 2018. The venue is Radisson Blu at Oslo Airport Gardermoen, just 2 minutes(!) walk from the arrival hall 🙂

This is a 2 days course teaching the neurophysiological model and how to treat hyperacusis, misophonia, and phonophobia with the TRT protocol.
More detailed info to follow at a later time.

The target audience is professionals such as audiologists, ENT physicians, hearing aid dispensers, hearing therapists, general physicians, psychologists, psychiatrists, nurses, physiotherapists, coaches, etc. It is also suitable for people with a particular interest for these topics.

Fee: 14,500 NOK  if enrolled during March, 15,500 NOK if enrolled during April, 16,500 NOK if enrolled during May. After this date the fee is 17,500 NOK. Fee includes course materials and lunch. Accommodation and meals other than lunch are not included and is the responsibility of each participant. The same goes for travel to and from the venue.

If you wish to attend or have questions, please use our Contact page

Info updated 27th Oct 2018.